Start-ups and Fortune 50 companies alike share similar struggles with social media, Branden seems to have solved that problem.

Daymond John Daymond John CEO, FUBU/Shark Branding

Branden and his team did an excellent job in helping me launch and grow my Instagram campaign. It was so successful that I was capturing an extra 20 to 30 leads a day from Instagram.

Neil Patel Neil Patel CEO, QuickSprout

Lots of people throw the term “social media expert” around loosely, Branden is exactly that in the truest form.

Robert Croak Robert Croak CEO, SillyBandz

Branden showed me how to take my high end retail products to social media… and it works!

Jason Arasheben Jason Arasheben Owner, Jason of Beverly Hills

Ivey League

Social Media Strategy


Social Media Marketing

Invisible Text

Social Media Marketing

Manny: The Movie

Social Media Marketing & Premier Red Carpet Event

Stop Making This Mistake on Twitter

Stop Making This Mistake on Twitter

It seems that anyone with over 2,000 followers feels comfortable enough with their knowledge to refer to themselves as a social media professional…

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